Past Event12 Jun - 2 Sep 2018

Te Whāriki Kiokio

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre

Visual arts

Auckland Live presents Te Whāriki Kiokio, an interactive digital installation by Stacey Tangaere (Ngāti Porou and Ngāpuhi) and Luke McConnell, which is inspired by wharenui tukutuku panel designs from the East Coast of New Zealand. Touching the screen with your hands causes the intricate tukutuku panel designs to emerge, while activating sounds of pūrerehua and kōauau (Māori instruments), whaikōrero (Māori speech) and waiata (Māori chants). 

Each panel reveals a unique story.

Left panel: Poutama
Popularly known as the ”staircase to heaven”, this pattern signifies overcoming challenges and bettering oneself by striving ever upwards. This design illustrates a journey of learning, growth, achievement and success. 

Middle panel: Pātikitiki
The elemental shape of the pātikitiki pattern is inspired by the flounder fish. The flounder represents a good harvest, prosperity and the abundance of provision for the iwi. Furthermore, it signifies the strength of women.

Right panel: Roimata
This simple rectangular pattern is inspired by the tears of an albatross who mourned. This alternate parallel of vertical blocks expresses the feeling of mourning, weeping and crying.

This exhibition is made possible thanks to Wintec and Longveld.

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