Past Event13 Sep 2017

Upper Harbour School Variety Show

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre

Family & Kids

Upper Harbour School is very excited to share Earth 2.0 - Variety Show with our community.

The year is 2500. Colonies of people from around the world have been arriving on Earth 2.0, the exoplanet that was discovered in the early part of the 21st century.  The job of these colonies is to begin a new civilisation based on the knowledge and lessons learned from Earth 1.0.

In particular, children of 2.0 have been given the job to spotlight ‘stories of what it meant to be human on Earth 1.0’ and sharing these ideas with the new colony.  Many representatives from nations around the world have been asked to share their own spotlight so that all cultures and groups can share what Earth was like.

The story begins with a small group of young people peering inside one of the many containers that have been arriving with information and artefacts from Earth 1.0. Inside this (and thousands of other containers) are different stories from human civilisation. What follows are a variety ‘holographic’ stories from Earth 1.0 triggered by different individuals. These stories range from early human discoveries to the joy and celebration of dance, music, and sport through time and across cultures.

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