Past Event21 Oct 2017

Yellow River Symphony Orchestra

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre

Classical music


2017 October Concert

  • Conductor: Jeff Li
  • Pianist: Doris Li
  • Violinist: Richard Chen
  • Pipa performer: Min Gao
  • Er Hu performer: Tanya Li
  • Singers: Mengmeng Zhang, James Meng, Fiona Li, Yiwen Gao


Mozart Piano Concerto No.24 K491

Violin Concerto Butterfly Lovers

Moonlight Night On a Spring River

Qiao Yard

The Moon mirrored in the spring

O Sole Mio

Choir: Swan Goose, Yangtze River Song and more


We are the largest Chinese performing group in New Zealand, consisting of a team of highly skilled and energetic music lovers who enjoy performing a mix of Western-Eastern melodies, with an aim of promoting the traditional music of China.

Music as we know it is an international language used by all cultures. It is not restricted by age or socio-economic status. In recent years, research has shown that music aids relaxation, as well as growth and development. Exposure to music from different cultures allows one to gain extensive knowledge about the world, other people and their histories. Music motivates and inspires the wider population, and for so many of us is an important part of our personal identity, beliefs, values and a key to achieving our dreams. 

Yellow River Symphony Orchestra has one goal: to share the full Eastern musical culture and experience with Aucklanders.

We also aim to inspire children and young people to explore a wide range of musical styles; and to broaden their knowledge of the cultural world. Our musicians lead by example, working and living the dream of a musical career, or using music as a way to excel in life.

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