Past Event11 Sep - 18 Sep 2017

Your new Auckland home

No longer available

Aotea Square

Special Events

Explore the future of Auckland’s housing at the NZ festival of architecture.

In the past, Auckland’s homes have been synonymous with the villa, the bungalow and the quarter-acre dream.

Today, with changing lifestyles and a rapidly growing population, what we picture as a typical ‘Auckland Home’ is changing.

As a part of the 2017 Festival of Architecture, join the Auckland Design Manual from Tuesday 12 September to Sunday 17 September in Aotea Square to explore the future of housing in an intensifying city.

From small homes for singles, to terraced homes for families, and plush apartments for city slickers, we’ll be taking a glimpse at the housing of tomorrow and asking you, what does your ideal future Auckland home look like?

Vote for your favourite, chat with some of our design experts and give Auckland Council your opinions on the future of housing.

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