King's Birthday Opening Hours

King's Birthday Weekend

Saturday 1 - Monday 3 June

Please read on for a detailed overview of our King's Birthday opening hours.


What's Closed: Monday 3 June

Aotea Centre & Box Office

The Terrace

Container in the Square

We will resume our regular operating hours on Tuesday 4 June - we look forward to seeing you then.


What's Open:

The Civic Box Office and Stark's | Bar & Espresso 

Open 90 minutes before Dawn French on Saturday 1 June.

Aotea Centre Box Office and The Terrace

Open 90 minutes before Rossini’s Le comte Ory on Saturday 1 June.

Bruce Mason Centre Box Office

Open 90 minutes before Ballroom Blitz on Sunday 2 June.

Auckland Town Hall Box Office

Open 90 minutes before Ben Howard on Monday 3 June.

What's On: Shows and Events

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