360 ALLSTARS Workshops


Looking for the ultimate 360 ALLSTARS experienceAuckland Live are thrilled to present two dedicated 60-minute workshops led by the ALLSTARS, each of whom is passionate about sharing their art form and experience in catering to participants of all ages and stages. 

Got a question about the workshops? Scroll to the bottom of the page to check the Frequently Asked Questions.


Age Group: 5 to 99
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $25 per person + booking fees
Date: Sat 30 Sep, 4pm - 5pm
Location: Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hal

This fantastic workshop offers local youth the opportunity to learn several circus styles and disciplines, including acro-balance, handstands, and juggling. Students will learn to work and problem-solve as a team, as well as be taught correct form and technique to execute all skills safely. Promoting coordination, focus, and persistence in a fun and positive environment, this workshop gives attendees a wonderful insight into the circus world, led by an internationally renowned touring artist.


Age Group: 8+
Duration: 60 minutes
​Price: $25 per person + booking fees
Date: Sat 30 Sep, 4pm - 5pm
Location: On Stage, The Civic

This hands-on workshop educates students on how to make musical instruments out of everyday household objects. From body percussion to ‘junk drumming’, participants will learn procedures to creatively source sounds from inanimate objects. Participants will then learn how to use a loop station to record multiple layers of music to create a live performance. Led by two award-winning artists, this inspiring masterclass empowers musicians of all abilities to create their own music.

360 ALLSTARS Workshops - Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions

  • Should a participant be disruptive in a class or workshop, Onyx Productions reserves the right to terminate that person's involvement.
  • By taking part the participant certifies they do not suffer from any pre-existing condition that may be exacerbated or aggravated by participation in a class or workshop. If there is any doubt, prior to enrolment, please contact us or your doctor.
  • Some of the workshops are very physical and while the workshops are designed to suit all ages, Onyx Productions will not be responsible for any injury that may result from a class or workshop.

How can I purchase tickets to the workshops?

When purchasing your 360 ALLSTARS show tickets, there is an option to 'add on' the workshop experience at the time of booking. 
However, if you have already purchased your tickets and have decided you would like to participate in the workshop, please contact online@aucklandlive.co.nz 

Can I participate in the workshop with my child?

Yes, parents and guardians are welcome to participate in the workshop. However, all participants require a workshop ticket to take part..

Can I watch my child participating in the workshop?

Yes, spectators are welcome. Please note children 14 and under will require parental supervision, and seating will be available for spectators.

If you're bringing small children along, please ensure they are not disruptive of the workshops.

What should I wear to the workshop?

Please wear appropriate clothing for relevant workshops e.g. loose, comfortable clothing for all movement/physical workshops (circus).

What should I bring to the workshop?

A water bottle and a great attitude!

Please note: there will be water coolers available to refill your bottles

My child is younger than the recommended age

Age suitability differs for each workshop, we have made the age recommendations above. However, this is up to the parent's discretion. 
All participants will require a ticket to take part in the workshop.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the workshop so we can begin on time. Please allow enough time to get to the venues. for more information about parking and transport, click here.

Please note the workshops will take place in different locations:

  • Circus - Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall
  • Found Sound & Live Looping - On Stage, The Civic

Can I film my child taking part?

At the end of the workshop, you're welcome to get a photo or video of your child. But during the workshops, there is strictly no photography or filming of any kind.

Can't see your question answered above? Get in touch with us at online@aucklandlive.co.nz 

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