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30 November, 2017

Auckland Live's Hives

Since last spring, the roof of the Aotea Centre has been home to tens of thousands of honey bees, housed in two mobile harvester hives amidst a selection of planter boxes of bee-friendly native trees and shrubs from which to forage.

Managed by Auckland Live, after their first summer the hives yielded more than 75 kg of delicious honey - quite an achievement as the average mature NZ hive produces around 35 kg of honey a year.

Bottled and labelled by staff, the liquid gold has been given as gifts (the Matilda the Musical cast were delighted to receive their pots!) and plans are afoot to add further hives and the creation of an urban garden on the roof, where the bees will be able to flourish.

Bees busy at work inside one of the hives.