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The Civic


From 2019 Doc Edge Superhero director Honigmann (Buddy, El Olvido), comes a film about the very eldest members of our society. Through the eyes of a diverse group of people, we witness the wisdom, melancholy, and humour of an elite group of humans.  
 is a film that investigates the will to live. It portrays a colourful selection of 100+-year-old people from all over the world. With the clock inevitably ticking, these centenarians cling to life, set new goals with a joie de vivre, refusing to admit the betrayal of their deteriorating bodies.  
Time is both their enemy and their friend. They have overcome diseases, lost partners, and some of them survived their own children. Nevertheless, these active, curious, and creative 100+-year-olds are amazingly good at restarting every new day.  

"…chases away the demons by showing tough, inspiring and resilient people who are full of life, never giving up" - Martijn te Pas, IDFA  

Visit here to see the film trailer. 
Doc Edge Festival in association with RNZ. 
In theatres in Auckland and Wellington, and online nationwide 3 June - 11 July 2021.



Doc Edge Film Festival 2021

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