Past Event8 Feb 2018

Another Frickin' Festival Auckland Showcase

No longer available

ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre


Presented by Comedy Central, Another Frickin’ Festival is here to provide you with enough belly laughs to skip a gym session. They’re warming up for Queenstown, and now these ten local and international comedians are primped and primed to take the stage at the gala showcase in Auckland.

Alice Snedden
Angella Dravid
Guy Montgomery
Guy Williams
Mel Bracewell
Paul Foot (UK)
Ray Badran (AUS)
Ronny Chieng (US/MAL)
Rose Matafeo
Sam Campbell (AUS)
Two Hearts - Laura Daniels and Joseph Moore


Gather the crew, book your tickets and get set for a big frickin’ night of f*ck yes comedy!

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