Past Event28 Feb 2019

Beethoven’s Triple

No longer available

Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Conductor Giordano Bellincampi
Violin Tianwa Yang
Cello Gabriel Schwabe
Piano Nicholas Rimmer

Beethoven Triple Concerto
Bruckner Symphony No.7


The conductor Bruno Walter once said that ‘Mahler was seeking God; Bruckner had found God’. Vast as a mountain, this cosmically spacious symphony is a cathedral in sound. Bruckner dedicated it to the memory of his idol, Wagner, and calls for the otherworldly sound of a quartet of Wagner tubas. 

To precede it, a rare performance of Beethoven’s lightest, most charming concerto. The slow movement gives a tantalising glimpse of what a Beethoven cello concerto might have been, but more exciting is the vivacity of three superb soloists playing off each other and the APO.

Tianya Wang, Gabriel Schwabe and Nicholas Rimmer’s performances are supported by Naxos Music Group


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