Past Event8 Aug 2019


No longer available

Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Conductor Tung Chieh Chuang
Pipa Wu Man

Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite
Harrison Pipa Concerto
Shostakovich Symphony No.1

To hear an unfamiliar instrument is a revelation, but doubly so when its unexpected depths are revealed by a virtuoso. Wu Man is the pre-eminent player of the pipa, a Chinese lute, with five Grammy Award nominations to her name. The American composer Lou Harrison, a lifelong devotee of Asian music, wrote this fabulously eclectic concerto for her.

Shostakovich’s First Symphony is a madcap piece that instantly propelled its 19-year-old composer onto the world stage.

Stravinsky reached back to the past with Pulcinella, reinventing 18th-century music in what can only be called an exceedingly Stravinskyian way.


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