Past Event4 Dec 2017

Auckland Theatre Awards

No longer available

The Wintergarden, The Civic

Special Events

We’re hurtling toward the end of the year and into the future! Will it be a land ravaged by war, or a land made entirely peaceful by the invention of robot therapists? Will arts funding increase, or the effects of space radiation turn our blood into ice cream and whenever the sun rises you can faintly hear the sound of a Mister Whippy truck…?

Before we find out just what the future holds, it’s time to come together and have a little look back at the year that’s been, with a night of old fashioned entertainment, newly fashioned LOLs, and community feels. That’s right, it’s none other than the ninth annual Auckland Theatre Awards!

Hosted by the post-electric Johanna Cosgrove, directed by the newly bionic Sam Snedden, and featuring the writing prowess of ATA Yoda Kura Forrester, the 2017 Auckland Theatre Awards are going interstellar. Amidst this fun we’ll acknowledge the outstanding work of theatre makers city-wide with Best Newcomers awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award, People's Choice awards and the Excellence Awards, presented by Jennifer Ward-Lealand.

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