Past Event10 Aug - 30 Sep 2016


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Aotea Centre

Visual arts

Blossom is a gorgeous interactive digital art installation. Inspired by the forms and movement of nature, the work is a contemporary take on traditional Chinese floral symbols.  

Using motion sensing, Supernature Design and Xu Cong immerse viewers in their work. When a viewer moves and gestures in front of the Digital Art Live screen they play a part in the visual symphony. 

The Digital Arts Live screen is located on Level 2 of the Aotea Centre. Blossom can be viewed 7:30am – 6pm weekdays. Digital Art Live will remain open late and during weekends if there is a show in the Aotea Centre.

Supernature Workshop

Thursday 11 August, 10.00 – 11:30am

Colab, level 10, Sir Paul Reeves building, AUT City Campus

Free, RSVP required

Yeoh Guan Hong, Creative Director of Supernature Design will share his expertise and lead a workshop on large scale public digital art, giving insights into the ideation, design, development and execution of his studio’s work. Visit AUT Colab event page for more information.

About the artists

Supernature Design is a studio based in Shanghai specialising in interactive design and physical computing inspired by nature, physicality and space. They have worked on interactive projects with the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola and Converse.

Xu Cong is an artist and technologist living in Shanghai. He employs computer graphics algorithms as a means of artistic expression. His design, installation, moving image and interactive programs have appeared in museums and streets around the world.

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