Past Event29 Sep - 2 Oct 2016

Cabariot: Frisky and Mannish

No longer available

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall


It’s time for a revolution.

There’s fire in the disco, blood on the dancefloor, and super-hot sparkly rage in our hearts.

Cabariot is more than a show, it’s a night of passionate polemic. A burn book for Generation Y and an evening of disorder, dissent, and drinking.

Cabariot is a show with counterculture cachet that’s going to fix all the wrongs in the world. It’s angry but funny and a little bit sexy.

Wildly talented

Frisky & Mannish interview with ONE News

ONE News

Frisky and Mannish

Frisky & Mannish are the mad scientists of pop, mixing unlikely solutions from incompatible artists and distilling entire genres into their separate elements with the tenacity of a Rottweiler and the charm of a Disney prince.


Frisky and Mannish in the news

Frisky and Mannish on Holiday - Eating, sleeping, eating, sunbathing, eating, drinking, eating, sightseeing, eating, reflecting, eating, tweeting, eating, completing (crossword puzzles), eating, eating

The Questionnaire: Frisky and Mannish

People to watch this month: Frisky and Mannish, cabaret duo

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