Past Event29 Apr - 30 Apr 2023

Cancer Society Games Fair 2023

No longer available

The Cloud, Queens Wharf


The Games Fair is back! 

After a fantastic first event last year, the Cancer Society Games Fair, New Zealand’s biggest tabletop convention, is back to raise even more money for New Zealanders facing cancer.  

Whether you’ve heard about D&D from Stranger Things and want to give it a go or have been playing board games since the 70’s, this event is for you! Old-timers and first-timers alike will find their home here. 

The event is all-ages with children able to attend for free! If you grew up with the Kiwi tradition of playing cards around the dinner table and have always wanted to get your kids interested in the social side of gaming then consider giving board games a go! This is the perfect event for families looking to get out of the house for the day (or possibly even the whole weekend!). 

The Cloud will be transformed into a tabletop haven. Board games, D&D, card games, Warhammer and more will be on offer, so come down and join in the fun while supporting a great cause! 

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