Past Event7 Jan 2023

CATACOMBS: A Rave New World

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall


CATACOMBS has mutated. We welcome you to a Rave New World.

Over one night on January 7, taking over three rooms in the Auckland Town Hall, transforming it into a synapse-warping inferno of rave.

Jack your body into cyberspace with Job Jobse and Palms Trax, who bring their patented megalithic b2b set to Aotearoa for the first time. The Dutch dancefloor destroyer and the bold and brazen Brit instantly interface with your neurocircuits, bring you into the mainframe, and fold your mind into mental origami.

You can rematerialise yourself in a synthetic sanctuary governed by psyborg symbiotes D.Tiffany, Powder, Roza Terenzi & 5ive. Their tones reach inside you, entering the realm of pure sensation. Your body ignites, all channels open, receiving and transmitting everything.

Finally, break out of Futuropolis to an offworld space, the refuge of Friendly Potential alumni the Pender Street Steppers. In their fourth-world home, the duo open up the cybernetics of the studio, and tap into the secret lives of soundmachines. Bear witness as they shed stray sonic debris, exploring the discontinuum through hydroponic dub, seductive ambient, and other degraded pneumatic pressure.

Let the energy course through your body for one night only, as CATACOMBS enters a Rave New World.

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