Past Event13 May 2019

Brodsky Quartet

No longer available

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall


The intricate weaving of counterpoint

True musical acrobats, the Brodsky Quartet have collaborated with the likes of Björk and Elvis Costello alongside an impeccable classical career. Since 1972 the Brodsky Quartet’s daring energy and craftsmanship have attracted numerous awards and accolades worldwide. 

These musicians have a curiosity and insatiable desire to explore, 'brimming with a love for the music', which has propelled the group in exciting artistic directions - working also with Katie Noonan, Dave Brubeck and Paul McCartney. 

This concert will bring a grand programme of fugues where pathos, gravity, humour, exuberance and tragedy are enmeshed in the intricate weaving of counterpoint by Bach, Beethoven and Bartók.

Hear one of the most famous string quartets in the world, and be part of its rich and varied musical existence. 

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