Past Event26 Oct 2019

Quatuor Ébène

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Pierre Colombet Violin

Gabriel Le Magadure Violin
Marie Chilemme Viola
Raphaël Merlin Cello


This passionate, direct, authentic, and occasionally maverick quartet have created a style of their own, perfect for the composer inhabiting those same qualities: Beethoven. Marking their twentieth anniversary in 2019, Quatuor Ebène have undertaken a project almost symphonic in scale: Beethoven Live Around the World.

In 2014, Quatuor Ebène were asked by Carnegie Hall to be THE one string quartet to play the Beethoven Cycle in their Hall to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2020. They accepted the invitation, but, characteristically taking it to the next level, decided to perform and record the complete cycle live in concerts spread over six continents.

This concert is going to be a piece of Beethoven history; a moment when ‘Alle Menschen’ (all people – from his Ninth Symphony) are linked together around the world by these extraordinary string quartets, in a spirit of endeavour, creativity and humanity.



Beethoven Live Around The World

String Quartet in G Major, op. 18 No. 2 (“Compliments”)
String Quartet in F Minor, op. 95 (“Serioso”)
String Quartet in E-flat Major, op. 74 (“Harp”)


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