Past Event5 Oct - 7 Oct 2023

Dracula's: The Resurrection Tour

No longer available

The Civic


Australia’s iconic vaudevillian variety show, Dracula’s, will tour Aotearoa for the first time ever this October and November. 

Following a sold-out season in Australia, the New Zealand tour will combine years of perfected performances into one blockbuster show, set to dazzle and delight in a way only Dracula’s can. 

Born in a Melbourne laneway in 1980, Dracula’s has become a Melbourne and Gold Coast icon. The sexy burlesque comedy show, brought to our shores by Newman Entertainment, has kept more than five million attendees in suspense, surprise and in stitches over the 43 years it has been running in Australia, including many visiting Kiwis. 

Dracula’s will unleash fan favourites on New Zealand audiences, including their most requested acts, live rock music, sultry burlesque, aerial acrobatics, jaw-to-the-floor costumes and razor-sharp comedy in two 40 minute acts with one intermission. 

“By the time the show reached its dazzling finale which again featured the entire cast and some impressive pyrotechnics, one final surprise was the realisation that the success of Dracula’s is not only its clever Transylvanian theme, but also its clever mix of variety, revue, burlesque and circus, and the sustained excellence of its performers and performances, which has been its golden ticket which has kept audiences coming back again and again.”

Bill Stephens OAM, Australian Arts Review


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