Past Event30 Sep 2016

Farhad Darya

No longer available

ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre


Farhad Darya Cancelled

The promoter regrets to advise that, due to visa issues, Farhad Darya’s concert scheduled for this Friday, 30 September is unable to go ahead.

All tickets purchased via Ticketmaster will be refunded.

If you booked online or over the phone, the credit card you used to purchase your tickets will be refunded automatically. The refund process can take up to five days. Once processed, please allow 3 - 5 days for this to show on both your balance and statement.

If your tickets were purchased from a Ticketmaster outlet, you’ll need to return to that outlet with the tickets; if you used a credit card to make the booking, please bring this also.

For any further queries, please phone Ticketmaster 970 9700 (within Auckland), 0800 111 999 (outside Auckland), or email


The Legendary Farhad Darya

A rare talent, a musical genius and cultural icon, a goodwill ambassador and a philanthropist. Darya is an artist with the greatest degree of dedication to his art, his people, his country and his world. His dedication is evident from his endurance as a creative and contributing talent.

He has made enormous contributions to shaping and changing Afghan music and bringing it to contemporary world class, preserving its deep rooted seeds in lyrics, literature and rich poetry. Using Afghan music as the frame work, he creates cohesion and fusion with genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and classic music, bringing a world of musical taste experience to Afghanistan and in turn, bringing Afghanistan's rich musical foundation and taste to the world.

Darya is coming to your corner of the world for a rare appearance in 2016. Farhad Darya is an exceptional artist, creative original genius talent, an exceptional performer who has sold out arenas throughout the world, and he is giving you a very unique opportunity to experience the best in rock, pop, jazz, classic in Afghan music.

His fan base crosses all barriers, and demographics throughout the world. This is a unique world tour that is family oriented and will be an extravaganza unlike any other experienced in the history of the Afghan music industry. Don't miss out on this once in a long while memorable opportunity.

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