Past Event2 Nov 2017

Fire Music

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Conductor Brett Dean

Piano Piers Lane

Brett Dean Fire Music

Sibelius Scene with Cranes

Brahms Piano Concerto No.2


Composer/conductor/violist Brett Dean wrote Fire Music in response to the catastrophic 2009 Australian bushfires. Dean observes that ‘fire can also cleanse and replenish’, and this is vividly pictorial music of destruction and restoration.

New life too in Sibelius’ lovely Scene with Cranes. Originally theatrical music, it accompanied a scene of a flight of birds, symbolising rebirth.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Brahms told his friends he’d composed ‘a little piano concerto with a teeny-weeny wisp of a scherzo’. In fact, this work is on a symphonic scale, with an enormous solo part and some wonderful solos for horn and cello.

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