Past Event4 Sep - 6 Sep 2017

Flatting Era

No longer available

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


With a new and highly anticipated stage play in Mandarin written by Fei Li, Flatting Era will become the third original play Fei has written in New Zealand, and he is beyond excited as it is his first time managing a comedy production.

Fei Li is an extremely experienced actor of more than 20 years, in both screen production and theatre. Leaving China in 2015 with no English ability, Fei could not give up his passion for drama. Therefore in 2016, he acted as the playwright and director for a Chinese thriller Merder on Changede Road, and another titled The Intruder. The Intruder was a perfect mix of English and Mandarin, which received fantastic reviews from the Chinese community and media in Auckland. 

Flatting Era is inspired by many true stories in which Fei has heard and his observations of overseas students flatting in NZ. The play is the story of two flatmates: mortgage broker, Wan Gao, and his friend's little brother, Tony, who encounter a sassy girl. With an addition of a new flatmate, their life is no longer 'as smooth as peanut'. 

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