Sorry for your Loss is Cian Parker's story of growing up, and explores the effect of having a sometimes-there-mostly-not Dad.  

A raw and real performance, Sorry for your Loss sees Parker open herself to audiences and expose something she never thought she needed to revisit.  

This story is about the strength of a woman, and the gift of strength from one woman to another. 

A beautiful heartfelt piece that defies you not to be moved…With a wonderfully light touch, Gardner finds her way into our hearts with both her words and her performance.” – Victor Rodger

There is nothing there that doesn’t need to be, the sparse set is enriched by the live score that accompanies the piece and is a fitting background for the actor’s talents to shine. Cian is a natural and talented performer who transfixes the audience, with her honest approach to telling her story and her ability to physically inhabit the characters in it. Sorry For Your Loss is funny and sad, and ultimately very satisfying.” – Deborah Nudds, The Meteor.



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