Past Event4 Oct - 7 Oct 2017

HAMLET: The Video Game (The Stage Show)

No longer available

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre

Family & Kids

One man. One mission. Get thine revenge.

Created by the voice director of Assassin’s Creed, HAMLET: The Video Game (The Stage Show) is an incredible, genre-twisting blend of video games and Shakespeare.

Who knew Hamlet was good with a gun and even better with the ladies? Who knew Gertrude was so… kick ass? The audience calls the shots in this partly improvised show that will appeal to gamers and Shakespeare fans alike!

Originally commissioned by Christchurch Arts Festival.


Find out more about the show:

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Theatreview calls the show "well-executed, enhanced by some very clever AV with solid performances."

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Dan Bain and Kathleen Burns discuss Hamlet: The Video Game (The Stage Show) on Radio New Zealand National’s Upbeat. review calls the interpretation of Shakespeare's classic "hilarious, action packed...always fun-filled"

Listen to Simon Peacock talk about video games and adapting Hamlet on Radio New Zealand National’s Standing Room Only.

Shoot ’em up Shakespeare: The Press interview with Simon Peacock, including his top five favourite video games.

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Stay and play

Enjoy original video games featuring escape, exploration and puzzles in the foyer before or after the show.

Created by AUT Digital Design Programme students, the showcase of games is all inspired by Shakespeare.

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