Past Event3 Jul 2022

Handel Samson

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Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Bach Musica NZ presents Handel’s dramatic oratorio Samson
Handel Samson 


Rita Paczian conductor 


Joanna Foote Soprano 

Kate Trigg Alto 

Andrew Grenon Tenor 

Joel Amosa Bass 

Samuel McKeever Bass 
Handel composed Samson immediately after Messiah in 1741. It proved an instant success and has never fallen out of favour since then. 

The libretto is based on Milton’s Samson Agonistes. As Milton was blind, he could emphasise with the blindness of Samson, as indeed could Handel whose sight was also beginning to fail. It is a highly operatic work, from a famous operatic composer. The chorus’s role is like the Greek chorus in that it sets the scene, offers moral comments, describes the action in thrilling detail and thus gives a backdrop to the various soloists whose characters are vividly portrayed through Handel’s dramatic writing.  

The oratorio is dramatic and tragic, but it ends joyfully with its brilliant soprano aria Let the Bright Seraphim followed by the final triumphant chorus Let their celestial concerts all unite. Samson's great deed has brought redemption to God's people and the work ends triumphantly with a great hymn of praise, in endless morn of light. 

Andrew Grenon is featured in the title role of Samson

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