Past Event5 Mar 2023

Homeland 1 – Songs my mother taught me

No longer available

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

The spirit of folk-music is at the heart of Homeland - with the music of the great Bohemian composer Antonín Dvorák at the core of this series. The music of the people; folk music’s ubiquitous influence is present throughout. The impetus of different composers’ creative energies drive this musical journey, connecting us to past and future generations. From us to you, join us in this ever-evolving genre, with powerful narration of human expressions and experiences through the universal language of music. 

Homeland 1 – Songs my mother taught me 
Filled with love, nostalgia and loss, you’ll hear the melodies that have been sung and played for generations in the music of Dvořák, Daniel Temkin, and Mieczysław Weinberg along with a new work from New Zealand composer Eve de Castro-Robinson.

Antonín Dvořák (Czech) Piano Trio No. 2 in G minor, Op. 26 

Daniel Temkin (America) Five Bagatelles  


Eve de Castro-Robinson (NZ) New commission 

Mieczysław Weinberg (Poland) Piano Trio in A-minor, Op. 24 

Antonín Dvořák (Czech) Když mne stará matka Songs my mother taught me


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