Past Event16 Sep - 23 Sep 2017

Kátya Kabanová

No longer available

ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre


Creative Team

Conductor – Wyn Davies

Associate Conductor – Michael Vinten

Director – Patrick Nolan

Assistant Director – Jacqueline Coats

Production Designer – Genevieve Blanchett

Lighting Designer – Mark Howett



Kátya Kabanová – Dina Kuznetsova

Boris – Angus Wood

Dikój – Conal Coad

Kabanicha – Margaret Medlyn

Tichon – Andrew Glover

Kudrjas – James Benjamin Rodgers

Kuligin – Robert Tucker

Glasha – Emma Sloman
Feklusha – Mary Newman-Pound (A), Linden Loader (W)


A brilliant showcase of singing actors, orchestral colour and heartbreaking emotions, this powerfully emotional tragedy weaves a dreamlike, visceral story of isolation and oppression. Conducted by Director of Music, Wyn Davies, it is directed by Patrick Nolan, whose past New Zealand Opera productions include the unforgettable Eugene Onegin and La bohème.

Kátya is caught in a loveless marriage where she is dominated by an overbearing mother-in-law. She discovers true love with another man, but ultimately is unable to find happiness or peace. In this contemporary reimagining of the story, Kátya’s plight is understandable, hopeless and all too frequently echoed in modern society.

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