Past Event1 Nov - 4 Nov 2017


No longer available

ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre

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Come one, come all and experience ‘magic’ like you’ve never seen it before. In this theatrical twist to a magic show you’ll meet the quirky, the skilled and the strange as you’re transported to the world of the impossible.

Starring five of the greatest magicians on the planet, you’ll witness the unbelievable and experience true entertainment in this charming celebration of the art-of-magic. 

You’ll see no rabbits or sawn-in-half ladies in this show – but what you will experience will warm your soul and leave you buzzing long after the show has ended.

Don’t miss out on an experience like no other. Suitable for everyone!

Shin Lim (USA)
He ‘fooled’ Penn and Teller, he’s performed on Broadway, and in 2015 he was awarded the ‘World Championship of Close-Up Card Magic’. With over 47 million views on YouTube, Shin is one of magic’s hottest young stars, and will blow your mind with his skill and dexterity.

Hector Mancha (Spain)
In 2015, Hector Mancha took the world by storm when he won the highest honor any magician can receive - the ‘FISM World Grand Prix of Magic’ Award. All the way from Madrid, Spain, now’s your chance to see his world-leading, award-winning act live on stage with your very own eyes. 

Charlie Frye & Co. (USA)
World-renowned variety act Charlie Frye and Co. is often compared to classic comedians such as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Charlie plays the rubber-faced, put-upon magician, while Sherry plays his bored assistant. Specialising in silent comedy, magic, clowning, and juggling, in the words of David Blaine, “Charlie’s f#%king amazing.”

Colin Cloud (Scotland) 
Within only a few seconds of meeting you, he’ll know what you’ve had for lunch, where you’ve been that day, what you do for a living and even your PIN code. With his amazing skills in deduction and one of a kind, it’s no wonder he’s been called the closest thing to a  real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Rob Zabrecky (USA)
Zabrecky sets the stage for everyday life, then sets it on fire! The two-time Hollywood Magic Castle ‘Stage Magician of the Year’ creates a dryly abstracted, austere universe that pushes magic to its very edges and often explores bizarre and contemplative human behaviour.

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