Past Event7 Apr 2024

Mahler, Dvorak, Haydn

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Experience the thrill of 75 talented young musicians (ages 14-26) performing together with energy, precision and passion!  The Auckland Youth Orchestra, conducted by Antun Poljanich,  presents an exciting symphony concert.


Dvorak - 'American' Suite in A major,  Op.98b

This suite mixes the American influences of a jaunty cakewalk and a Native American dance, with the energy and melodies of the Slavic tradition.


Haydn - Oboe Concerto in C (soloist: Alex Wu)
An attractive and bright work with tuneful melodies and virtuosic passages. Our soloist is Alex Wu, AYO’s principal oboe and a prize winner in both the NZ and Australian Double Reed Societies’ competitions.


Mahler - Totenfeier

Totenfeier is a series of vignettes describing a hero’s life ‘passing before his eyes’: his joys, his strifes, his passions, his trials. Exploring the meaning of life, the work is written to sound expansive and exaggerated, yet deeply sincere. Drama and beauty abound.

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