Past Event15 Nov 2018

Masters of Song

No longer available

Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Schubert Symphony No.3
Mahler Songs of a Wayfarer
Schubert (arr. Brahms, Reger & Webern) Selected Songs
Mahler Totenfeier


This concert promises to be one of the highlights of the year. Mahler’s Totenfeier (Funeral Rites) is very rarely performed: it’s an early version of his heaven-storming Second Symphony, but fascinating in its own right.

Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer explore the agonies of unrequited love, based on his own recent experience. And this is the link to his great predecessor, Schubert, a man for whom this subject matter was not unfamiliar. We’ll hear a selection of his immortal songs, beautifully orchestrated by other composers, and his buoyant Third Symphony.

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