Past Event27 Jun 2018

Unwrap the Music: Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony

No longer available

Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

APO announces artist change for Unwrap the Music

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (APO) has announced a change to the upcoming concert Unwrap the Music: Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony, taking place on Wednesday 27 June at Auckland Town Hall.

Unfortunately, due to illness, presenter Richard Gill will not be travelling from Australia to front the performance. Instead, New Zealand performer and broadcaster Kevin Keys will step in. Keys will present the performance, unwrapping Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian’, and conductor Hamish McKeich will join him on stage to direct the orchestra.

APO Chief Executive Barbara Glaser says, “It is a shame that Richard won’t be joining us for this concert. However, we are confident that the combined forces of Kevin Keys and Hamish McKeich will bring insight and experience to this informative and entertaining event.

“The APO has long-standing associations with Kevin and Hamish so they will both be familiar faces to our Auckland audiences.

“We wish Richard a speedy recovery and look forward to him returning later in the year,”

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Mendelssohn Symphony No.4 ‘Italian’

This symphony was once described as ‘blue sky in A major’ – a description that can’t be bettered. How does Mendelssohn so perfectly translate the warmth of the southern sun into music? It’s all in the details of the orchestration, just waiting to be unpicked by Richard Gill.

The ebullient music educator/conductor Richard Gill joins the orchestra again to ‘unwrap’ this great orchestral work and reveal what makes it so special.

Part concert, part interactive talk, each Unwrap the Music is guaranteed to take your musical appreciation to the next level. This entertaining event is great for all ages, whether you are a seasoned concertgoer or new to orchestral music.

Supported by Pub Charity Limited and the Maurice Paykel Charitable Trust.

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