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Misha and the Wolves

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The Civic


Misha Defonseca’s memoir tells the story of her 7-year-old self escaping the Nazis, crossing Europe on foot, living with wolves, and enduring unimaginable hardship in search of her deported parents. It took the world by storm and a Hollywood studio came knocking. But a fallout with her publisher revealed Defonesca’s story as an audacious deception created to hide an even darker truth. If someone claims to be a Holocaust survivor, and then offers us a tale of redemption and overcoming adversity, then do we believe them because they’re a Holocaust survivor, or because they’re offering us a feel-good tonic to the horrors of the Holocaust?  

This stranger-than-fiction Holocaust detective story is a dizzying puzzle that finds new ways to surprise. It keeps you hooked causing you to reflect on whether you can believe what is right in front of your eyes. How do you establish truth in a world of fake news?  

Misha and the Wolves is not a survival story but a cautionary tale.

"A Woman’s Holocaust Tale Too Amazing To Be True. With its deft touch and compelling story, Misha and the Wolves should be a strong awards contender in the coming year and part of the Oscar conversation in 2022" - Matthew Carey,  

"Misha And The Wolves unfolds with the page-turning urgency of a great detective mystery" Allan Hunter, Screen Daily  

Visit here to see the film trailer. 
Doc Edge Festival in association with RNZ. 
In theatres in Auckland and Wellington, and online nationwide 3 June - 11 July 2021.



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