Past Event16 Sep 2017

Miss IndiaNZ 2017

No longer available

Auckland Town Hall

Special Events

For Bollywood glitz and glamour Down Under, nothing beats the annual Miss India NZ event.

From academics to sporting champs, career professionals to high school students, these 20 beautiful and extremely diverse women share one common dream – to take home the coveted title of Miss Indian NZ 2017.

And they don’t have long to wait. In less than two months, Bollywood will descend upon Auckland’s Aotea Centre for the much-anticipated Miss India NZ event. Now in its 15th year, Miss India NZ 2017 will be a visual extravaganza of glitz, glamour, fashion, music and dance. A spectacular celebration of Kiwi-Indian culture, Miss India NZ brings together women from mixed ethnic backgrounds to showcase their unique identities.

They will have devoted hours and hours to mastering their Indian dance skills and spent hundreds of dollars on lavish costumes. With a diverse line-up of competition categories (such as Miss Popular and Miss Potential Model), there will be plenty of opportunities for each and every one of them to shine.

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