Past Event24 Jul 2021

Morning People’s 5th Birthday | Elemental AKL

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Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

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Morning People is turning five, and to celebrate they’re throwing the mother of all morning parties at the Auckland Town Hall, featuring electro-world phenomena Weird Together (Live), and Sambora from legendary Shapeshifter.

From humble beginnings in a community venue in Western Springs, Morning People has clocked up over 160 early morning parties, and along the way has roused a cult following of early birds, go-getters, and people of all ages who just love to dance.

They’ve injected their special brand of morning mischief into underground clubs, rooftop bars, forests, grand theatres, and wharves, and on 24th July Morning People will be taking over the iconic Auckland Town Hall.

Fresh off the back of playing the main stage at Splore, Weird Together will be bringing the party, with a full band experience including percussion, horns, guitar, and infectious world house music. Once the dance floor is well and truly warmed up, Shapeshifter’s own Sambora will round out the morning with big-breakfast-sized helpings of drum and bass, jungle, rave, and dancefloor goodness.

As it’s their birthday, they’re switching things up a bit from their usual mid-week antics and will be partying on a SATURDAY from 7:00 am - 9:00 am.

In true Morning People fashion, top-shelf electronic music will be served alongside complimentary coffee from Cafe L'afarre, All Good bananas, and the amazonian plant power of Club Mate.

Five years of showing the alarm clock who’s boss. Five years of thinking differently, disrupting schedules and choosing fun and community over routine. Don’t miss Morning People’s fifth birthday - their biggest party to date, and at one of Auckland’s most iconic venues no less.

Oh, and to celebrate five times around the sun they’ll be dressing to the nines – feel free to join the fun! Animal prints, frocks, smoking jackets, dressing gowns, pajamas… anything you think says happy birthday Morning People, let’s party!

Alcohol free.


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