Past Event16 Jul 2023


No longer available

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Combining the talents of Katherine Austin (piano), Lara Hall (violin), and James Tennant (cello) the group is dedicated to presenting classical music as a spontaneous and vivid experience.

Gillian Whitehead has written a brand-new piano trio, commissioned by New Zealand Chamber Soloists as part of its 7 x 7 project. Gillian describes her new work:

“Mōtete means, in te reo Māori, fragments, bits and pieces. The piece is based on small ideas, akin to the bagatelles of Beethoven, or maybe the form of the Japanese haiku; small ideas are put together to make a series of four very short pieces, with some recapitulation but very little development. The first takes as its starting point a call of the korimako or bellbird, the second, for strings alone, might suggest the western idea of motet, the third has more energy and the fourth is recapitulatory.”

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