Past Event17 Jan 2018

NEIL OLIVER: Live on Stage

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Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

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Experience Neil Oliver live on stage for the first time in New Zealand.

Historian, archaeologist, author and TV presenter of the acclaimed TV series Coast New Zealand, Vikings and A History of Ancient Britain, Neil Oliver will bring British and New Zealand history to life and delve into the stories, amazing facts and revelations of the geography, history, people and marine life from his travels around Aotearoa’s 16,000-kilometre coastline.

Oliver is an immensely popular presenter who has a knack for making dry facts and stories sizzle and glisten.

            -   The Sunday Times, UK

Neil has become one of the UK's most compelling TV presenters, popularising history programming with stories of heroic figures and everyday lives from the past.  Trained as an archaeologist and journalist, he made his television debut in the BBC’s Two Men in a Trench (2002), which featured acclaimed archaeologist of conflict Tony Pollard, visiting historic battlefields and recreating battle situations using state-of-the-art archaeological techniques. 

Closer to home, local audiences have been captivated by Neil Oliver’s exploration of our natural and social history in BBC’s Coast New Zealand. The popular series is scheduled to start re-filming in early 2018.  

Auckland Live is thrilled to partner with BBC Worldwide to present NEIL OLIVER: Live on Stage at Auckland Town Hall for one night only – make sure you don’t miss out.

Neil Oliver: Live On Stage at Auckland Town Hall

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