Past Event18 Oct 2020

NZTrio: InterFusions

No longer available

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

NZTrio’s 2020 concert series offers an inspiring exploration of ancestry, diversity and heritage. Each concert begins with a powerful masterwork from Beethoven in a toast to his enduring influence on our European music traditions. Then we swerve off towards more exotic realms representing a kaleidoscope of geographical, cultural and religious influences. The second in the three-concert series, InterFusions, tours through rich combinations of Greek-Canadian, Sri Lankan-Canadian and Japanese-Kiwi flavours, returning to Europe for the equally aromatic masterpiece of Ravel. 

InterFusions begins with Beethoven’s powerful and foreboding C minor trio, an impressive affidavit to his masterful talents. Then we teleport far from Europe into works that are steeped in the diverse cultural backgrounds of their composers. Works by Greek-Canadian Christos Hatzis and Sri Lanka-Canadian Dinuk Wijeratne embrace a brand new work by New Zealander Salina Fisher. Her piece draws inspiration from the Japanese art of ‘Kintsugi’, where broken ceramic pieces are carefully reassembled, enhancing their inherent strength and beauty. We finish with Ravel’s famous Trio, bearing witness to the clear infusion of his French, Spanish, Basque and Roman Catholic influences.

Beethoven: Piano Trio in C minor, Op 1, No 3

Christos Hatzis: Old Photographs

Salina Fisher: Kintsugi (new commission)

Dinuk Wijeratne: Love Triangle

Ravel: Piano Trio in A minor

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