18 Sep 2024

Triptych 2 - Untrodden Ways

$30.00 - $60.00

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music
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NZTrio presents: Triptych 2 - Untrodden Ways


We begin with Mendelssohn's emotionally charged and passionate 'Trio in C minor Op. 66', considered one of his finest chamber music works. Then NZ composer Reuben Jelleyman, known for his inventive melodies and harmonies, takes inspiration from Bach’s chorales in ‘Büchlein Reimaginings’. Our journey continues with Jennifer Higdon's 'Piano Trio', evoking colours being spread on a canvas through the melodies, harmonies and instruments themselves.  Next, we venture into the rich and passionate realm of Armenia with Arno Babadjanian's 'Trio in F-Sharp minor.' This trio is a compelling masterpiece that resonates with the soulful melodies and profound emotions of Armenian culture.


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