17 Nov 2024

Triptych 3 - Untamed Hope

$30.00 - $60.00

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music
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NZTrio presents: Triptych 3 - Untamed Hope


We begin in 19th Century Germany with Fanny Mendelssohn's 'Trio in D minor’, a magnificent work by the renowned German composer. With melodies that soar and emotions that run deep, this piece offers a glimpse into the turbulent emotional landscape of its creator. Next, we venture into the contemporary realm with the power and subtlety of Joan Tower's 'Trio Cavany'. We proudly present a new work by kiwi composer, Eva Bedggood, offering a fresh perspective and intrinsically relevant voice. Our musical odyssey concludes with Ethel Smyth's impassioned piano trio, a powerful and evocative composition that showcases the depth of emotions and creative brilliance of the British composer at the beginning of her career.


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