Outsider Sounds

Past Event19 Feb - 24 Feb

Outsider Sounds

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Auckland Town Hall


Join us for a festival within a festival, on the fringe of the Fringe, and a whole lot of happenings with Outsider Sounds!

From Tuesday 19th until Sunday 24th of February (except Thursday 21st, because we're being difficult), climb the sacred stairs of Auckland's Town Hall to discover an alcove full of wonder. 

Our resident music-obsessive, Matthew Crawley has thrown together a programme of weird and wonderful live acts and DJ’s spread across the week. Expect heart-rending folk, mind-bending noise, cinematic spaghetti songs, glam-goth, romantic country death ballads, wild sprawling jazz complete… and that’s just the first act! 

Hidden away on the top floor of the Town Hall, complete with a pop-up bar, come along for some FREE live entertainment and celebrate your very own Fringe Town.

Full line-up:

Tuesday 19th February

9PM - 9.45PM
Goth glam grunge psych hailing from the underworld of Auckland, New Zealand.
Music structured with too many semi-colons, cast out from four Shoddy minds.
Help me, help you escape.
Shoddy is
Shoddy does.

10PM - 10.45PM
Musical epiphany him is a mad-shaped curation by Australian artist, Jazmine Rose, who draws upon elements of the visionary to create stunning, experimental work that shifts and unravels mid-performance, in a visceral and often haunting way. Rose uses electrical meanderings, looping, guitar, voice and other instruments to draw a scene most poignant, inviting her audience to travel through scapes mysterious, bold and watery. Her songs are moody, often haunting, and spacious; allowing the listener time to explore the woods.

Wednesday 20th February 

9PM - 9.30PM
KRAUS is a composer, producer and multi-instrumental performer from Auckland. His singular and eclectic recorded work encompasses a range of influences, from Golden Age electronics and psychedelic rock to Eastern folk and pre-modern Western music. Since 2002, he has released 15 albums and presented his powerful and endlessly evolving live performances throughout New Zealand, Australia and Europe. 

9.45PM - 10.15PM
The current incarnation of Auckland's porous rock band Pumice is Jade Farley (Violin, Guitar, Keyboards) and Stefan Neville (Reed Organ, Synth, Guitar, Vocals, Tapes). Lately the duo have been extending the circular melodies and breathing drones stumbled upon on last years Platelets 7" (Soft Abuse Records) into a soft sonic stillness with distressed shanty interludes. Expect a new album in 2019.

Hamish Kilgour
10.30PM - 11PM
Old 1st wave punk rock hasbeens are back in Aotearoa from their newly made music lives in New York City. 

Friday 22nd February

Uniform Mobile Disco 
5PM - 8PM
Come and do your wired wiggle to DJ Ducklingmonster, DJ Kiran Dass and DJ Wild Boar! Drum machines, primitive guitar, boom-boxes, synth-wave spaceship sounds, and party hits for the ones who never got invited.

Ragged Veins
10.30PM – 11.00PM
Ragged Veins is the gloomy offshoot of Alexandra Stone and Ary Jansen. Together, they combine oppressive drumming and wailing guitar to weave a narrative of shared suffering. 

Princess Worm Baby DJs 
Princess Richard, DJ Mealy Worm, and Baby Zionov make up deep house, 80’s underground band, Princess Worm Baby. Three queer Auckland DJs who combine their powers to bring floor filling sets packed with bops, bangers, tunes, slappers, and jams. Drawing from the broad history of gay club music, their sets blends deep house bops, '80s underground classics, and crooked pop remixes for an experience that’s hectic, eclectic, and completely ecstatic

Saturday 23rd February

The Dead Travellers
12pm - 1pm
Pulling from storytelling roots to craft and create an original take on old souled songs, The Dead Traveller’s set is a beautifully curated mix of both original songs and covers, ranging from Johnny Cash to Nirvana. The Dead Travellers are made up of Nina Johnson (vocals), Lucas Haugh (guitar) and Steven Logan (percussion). You can also catch them performing in (on) WHATIPU - a mixed media theatre piece told through film, puppetry, music and the spoken word, that explores themes of grief, identity and immigration. 

Salon Kingsadore
1PM - 3PM
Formed in 2000 to write the music for a local stage play, Salon Kingsadore have since explored instrumental psychedelic pop, adventurous surf-jazz and experimental studio music. More recently, the group has ditched pre-conceived structures in favour of a freeform, spontaneous approach. The current line-up consists of Gianmarco Liguori (guitar/electronics), Tom Ludvigson (keyboards/electronics), Hayden Sinclair (bass) and Steven Tait (drums). Salon Kingsadore recently released their fifth album Instant Compositions.

imugi 이무기
6PM - 7PM
imugi이무기 are a silky electronic duo that released their first EP titled Vacasian, a trip through the diasporic-Asian-girl-psyche and the healing it takes to go from self-consciousness to self-awareness. With roots in South Korea and Aotearoa, the EP explores the multi-faceted, wholesome identities and complex issues that migrant women of colour face, through a mix of styles ranging from R&B, synth-pop, funk and spoken word. The goal is to embrace multiculturalism and challenge Eurocentric structures within our culture.

Power Nap
10PM - 11PM
POWER NAP is the solo electronic dance project of Auckland's Chris Cudby (Golden Axe) - catch him live or don't catch him at all! Recently acclaimed by Bandcamp Daily as a leading voice in 'Oceanic Vaporwave', listen to his latest radio hit 'Being Cool Is E.Z.' 

Sunday 24th February

Nikita Tu-Bryant
Time: 11AM – 11.45AM
Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant is a Taiwanese-Kiwi performing artist based in Wellington. Known for her music projects; Nikita & the Spooky - a cinematic folk band, as well as her psychedelic pop trio FLITE - Ed Zuccollo (Trinity Roots), and Rick Cranson (Little Bushman), Tu-Bryant recently debuted her first original play Tide Waits for No Man: Episode Grace (歲月不饒人: 雅安) in Wellington which she wrote, directed and acted in; followed by the Auckland debut at The Basement Theatre as part of Auckland Fringe 2019.

Brendan and Alison Turner
Time: 12PM - 1PM
Bonding over beer, many cigarettes and a mutual love of 60’s acoustic music, Brendan and Alison slowly pieced together the bones of their first album, Ghost of A Friend in mourning of their band mate and best friend. Get a sneak peek of their album in the flesh before they embark on an extensive cross-country album release tour later this year.

Night Pilot
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Behind dreamy band Night Pilot is Auckland-based artist, Hannah Brewer. Inspired by the likes of Angel Olsen, Fiona Apple and Sharon Van Etten, Hannah combines her authentic song writing with reverb-laden guitars and vocals to create a pensive atmosphere for the Night Pilot recordings.

Famous DJ 
2PM - 5PM
The mysterious DJ is back! No one knows anything about him except that he’s everybody’s favourite DJ! Or at least, he will be once you hear his mystic tunes. 

5PM - 7PM
Composer Jonathan Besser’s musical group, The Zestniks are a band of leading Auckland musicians. Performing original contrapuntal, Bach inspired Gimel tunes, mixed with rhythmic improvisations, all infused with New York Jewish ascetics, don’t miss this very special Outsider Sounds finale, featuring violin, viola, alto sax, guitar, piano, drums, bass, and of course the wonderful voice of singer, Carolina Moon. 

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