Past Event2 Mar 2017

Scottish Symphony

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Conductor Giordano Bellincampi

Oboe Bede Hanley

Respighi Ancient Airs and Dances: Suite No.3

Christopher Rouse Oboe Concerto

Mendelssohn Symphony No.3, Scottish


Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra principal oboe Bede Hanley plays Christopher Rouse’s genial concerto, inspired by the ‘long, lyrical lines’ which the instrument plays so beautifully. Rouse didn’t ignore the oboe’s agility, though, and Bede will have plenty of fast music to keep him busy.

Obsessed with forgotten music, Respighi dug around in dusty libraries, found lost treasures, and re-composed them, adding his own twist.

Mendelssohn’s imagination was also fired by the past. Standing in the ruins of Holyrood House, he mused ‘Grass and ivy grow at the broken altar where Mary was crowned Queen of Scotland’. Here his Scottish symphony began.

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