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The Civic


Cristi Puiu, the great Romanian director who astonished audiences with the mesmerising The Death of Mr Lazerescu (NZIFF06), immerses us now in a world bristling with life. An extended family gather for the 40th day memorial meal for a dearly beloved patriarch. Puiu, at once ironic and tender, draws us steadily into a rich appreciation of their fractured, blackly comic universe.

“Not only a masterful portrait of the contemporary Romanian middle-class but also a whole set of smart, perceptive reflections on the relativity of truth, on the failings of memory, the interpretation of history, the significance of religion and much more.” - Dan Fainaru, Screendaily

“Romanian New Wave pioneer Cristi Puiu’s Sieranevada is a wild ride despite being set for the majority of its near three-hour runtime in a tiny, cramped apartment. Unfolding over the course of one afternoon as an extended Romanian family crams into a poky flat bristling with cling-film covered dishes of food and simmering resentments, what seems beforehand like its punishing length is wholly justified by Puiu’s generously overlapping approach.

With usually about six things going on in each deceptively clever handheld frame at once, the film never drags. Instead Puiu scoops up storylines and arguments and revelations armful by messy armful and the inexplicably titled Sieranevada becomes by turns pit-of-stomach-sad, flight-of-fancy funny and pin-in-heart moving. And never less than wincingly true in its deadpan acknowledgement of the beautiful absurdity of family life.” - Jessica Kiang, The Playlist


Romania 2016 
173 mins
In Romanian with English subtitles

Director/Screenplay: Cristi Puiu 

Producer: Anca Puiu

Photography: Barbu Bălăsoiu

Editors: Letiția Ștefănescu, Ciprian Cimpoi, Iulia Muresan

Production designer: Cristina Barbu

Costume designers: Maria Pitea, Doina Răducut

With: Mimi Brănescu (Lary), Judith State (Sandra), Bogdan Dumitrache (Relu), Dana Dogaru (Mrs Mirica), Sorin Medeleni (Tony), Ana Ciontea (Aunt Ofelia), Rolando Matsangos (Gabi), Cătălina Moga (Laura), Marin Grigore (Sebi), Tatiana Iekel (Aunt Evelina), Marin Râlea (Mr Popescu), Ioana Crăciunescu (Mrs Popescu), Ilona Brezoianu (Cami), Simona Ghiă (Simona), Valer Dellakeza (priest), Andi Vasluianu (Mihaita), Mara Elena Andrei (Irina), Petra Kurtela (Croat)

Festivals: Cannes (In Competition) 2016

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