Cheer for Maria! Hiss the Barroness! Wave your Eidleweiss!

The worldwide sensation, Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music is coming to The Civic for a night of dress-ups and song in a rousing homage to the iconic 1965 Julie Andrews classic movie.

An hilarious host will lead the vocal warm up, guide audience members through their free fun packs, and crown the best costume winner before the screening of The Sound of Music with on-screen song lyrics so everyone can sing-a-long.

When it comes to the dress-ups, the more elaborate and imaginative the better.  Maybe you’ll go as a gaggle of nuns, or brown paper packages tied up with string, goats and goat herders, or even the Alps themselves!

So get those vocal chords warmed up and get to The Civic for this international smash-hit sensation and a jolly good time.

Auckland Live presents Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music

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