Past Event15 Oct 2023

St Matthew Passion

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Johann Sebastian Bach’s St Matthew Passion is widely recognised as one of the greatest masterpieces in Western Sacred music. With its double orchestra and chorus, this is a work of enormous proportions in every sense. Bach was extremely resourceful in treading a fine line between creating the almost operatic spectacle valued by the secular authorities in Leipzig, and the elevated religious atmosphere sought by the clergy. This inspired mix of moving drama and theological discourse led Leonard Bernstein to declare that “there is nothing like it in all of music.’’ 

Featuring Iain Tetley as the tenor Evangelist, we are guided through the work’s two movements. The first half tells the compelling story of Jesus Christ’s Betrayal, the second of His Crucifixion and Burial. Throughout the work, the double chorus and orchestra interact with soloists adding to the dramatic elements of the work. 

Auckland Choral
Piper Sinfonia
Cantare Westlake Girls Choir
Tenor Evangelist: Iain Tetley
Soprano: Anna Leese
Mezzo-Soprano: Sarah Court
Bass:  David Greco
Conductor: Uwe Grodd 
Tenor: Andrew Grenson
JESUS: James Ioelu

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