Past Event17 Apr 2024

Steven Bartlett

No longer available

The Civic

Talks & ideas

Join entrepreneur, investor, No.1 best-selling author, and host of Europe’s biggest podcast, The Diary Of A CEO, for an insightful and new international lecture series.

These talks are tailor-made for aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, and anyone who dreams of taking their venture, project, or life to the next level. Thinking of starting something one day? Wondering how to take your current project to the next level? This lecture is for you!

In this series, Steven will dissect the intricacies of entrepreneurship, offering priceless wisdom on how to start, build, and scale a thriving business. He'll unravel the strategies and tactics that have propelled his entrepreneurial success & provide a roadmap for your own success using science-backed research, his interview back catalogue, and stories from history.

Learn how to cultivate the mindset and strategy required to overcome challenges, stay focused, and turn your dreams into reality.

This is a brand-new, one-of-a-kind event series that will happen once, and only once!

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