Past Event5 May 2022

Tall Tales

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

A concert of storytelling. Kodály’s operetta concerns the heroic adventures of a Hungarian peasant… and if Háry János perhaps exaggerates a bit (did he really capture Napoleon single-handedly?) then what’s wrong with that?

Central to the piece is the sound of the cimbalom, the Hungarian zither. It’s a notoriously difficult instrument and Jenő Lisztes’ virtuosity is totally breathtaking.

Inspired by the Tales of the 1001 Nights, John Adams riffed on Rimsky- Korsakov in a ‘dramatic symphony' for violin and orchestra about ‘a Scheherazade in our own time’, ending with ‘escape, flight, and sanctuary’ from the barbaric men subjugating her. 

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Pre-concert talk 6.45pm


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Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra 2022

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