Past Event1 Feb 2024

Te Tīmatanga

No longer available

Wintergarden, The Civic


Te Tīmatanga is a new work built within te ao Māori that intertwines dance, performance art, circus, kapa haka, taonga pūoro and ritual into an unforgettable night. 

Featuring Rosanna Raymond and Pounamu Rurawhe. Supported by Kirianna Sheree, Ariana Tikao, and with design by Maahia te Kore, Bekky Boyce, Te Kīra Whakamoe, and Whiro Walker.

An immersive performance experience in which the art will be moving around and throughout the space at the Wintergarden. Traditional conventions of audience, performer and spectator will be intentionally disrupted, teased with, and shifted.

We are beckoned by Muri-ranga-whenua to the farthest bounds of the earth, a liminal space where tangata (people) and whenua (land) dissolve into one. Here, Muri-ranga-whenua whispers the ancestral wisdom, “ko au te whenua, ko te whenua ko au, I am the land and the land is me.” Embracing the interconnectedness of person and place, we can transcend the limitations of binaries. Through the exchange of ritualistic acts, this knowledge is gifted from kuia to mokopuna, from past to present. the weaving of a reciprocal relationship, through tending and nourishing our wahine.


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