Past Event31 Jul - 18 Aug 2019

The Children

No longer available

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


In an isolated cottage on the English coast, two retired nuclear physicists have retreated to safety after a natural disaster. Life is tough, electricity is rationed, and they keep a Geiger counter on hand for good reason. But they have worked all their lives for their retirement and now they are determined to enjoy it. 

Under the direction of Paul Gittins, The Children sees an all-star cast of Elizabeth Hawthorne (Blonde Poison), David Aston (The Matrix) and Carmel McGlone (Pop Up Globe’s Romeo & Juliet) go toe-to-toe in a taut piece that starts as a domestic drama and ends up as an all too imaginable eco-thriller.

If you loved Plumb Productions' acclaimed Blonde Poison and Bright Star, then you don’t want to miss this brilliant new show.

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