Past Event24 Oct - 31 Oct 2017

The Dunstan Creek Haunting

No longer available

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


Based on real-life accounts of early New Zealand hauntings, this spine-chilling show will make you question every shadow and sleep with the lights on.

Revel in strange and eerie ghost stories from the 1800’s gold rush, digging up the unpleasant bits of our past that will thrill, chill and delight you.

Lately the show has been disrupted by strange occurrences. Audience members are experiencing phenomena that can't be explained. They are starting to believe that something has followed them back from the Dunstan Creek goldfields.

And if a presence has been unleashed, it’s not ready to rest...

What if we’re not alone in the theatre tonight?

Genuinely chilling and scary... immaculate stagecraft and trickery 

                                                                                                                                            - The Press

If you’re brave enough to handle mysteries, thrillers and films such as The Conjuring, The Others and The Blair Witch Project; then you’ll love this live performance that will make you gasp, laugh and scream.

Co-writers and stars of the show, Lizzie and David, on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon.

NZ Herald on the show which was inspired by the writers' "Honeymoon from hell" and a review which calls the play "well-structured with carefully thought-out audience interactions, skilful performances and sharply choreographed pyrotechnics enhanced with a suitably eerie soundtrack".

"Inevitably strange, unsettling things begin to occur, just little things at first, ramping up to a rather audacious climax" - Theatreview

Warning: This show contains paranormal activity and is not suitable for those with an extremely nervous disposition.

First performed in association with The Court Theatre, Christchurch.

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