Past Event23 Jun 2022

The Happy Worker

No longer available

Te Civic, The Civic


Are you happy at work?

Over post-it notes with empty marketing phrases? Sick of endless meetings about nothing? Do you crave to break free from the stress and corporate carry-on?

Across the globe, only 20% of workers are motivated enough to put in a decent day’s work. Something is profoundly wrong in the office. How can we change it for the better?

The Happy Worker takes us behind the shiny corporate facades to reveal the systemic problems that plague the workplace: from a culture of silence, fake change and incompetent managers, to how we educate our children.

Guiding us on this journey are, among others, the late great anthropologist and activist David Graeber (Debt: The First 500 years, Bullshit Jobs) and the Berkeley-based pioneer of burnout research psychologist Christina Maslach.

Laced with humour and irony, the film explains the very real consequences the toxic workplace has for the health and happiness of the people who work there.

Finland | 2022 | Asia Pacific Premiere | 82 min | English / Korean | John Webster


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The Happy Worker:

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